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Better living through organization is an ongoing process that starts now. Contact Angela to find out how!
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Space Sage
Quantity of possessions does not equal quality of life.
Angela Irvine

About Love Your Space

love your space As the owner of Love Your Space, professional organizing services, I am in the business of helping people transform their lives by transforming their spaces. Clear the Clutter, Clear the Mind is my motto! I am thrilled to share my passion and innate talent for organizing.

I continue to build on my 20 years of experience keeping others organized in a variety of sectors such as Hi-Tech, Legal, and Education. I am fascinated by personal growth, human potential, transformation, and am committed to living an authentic life myself.

Having embarked upon my own transformation, my goal is to help you bring about the positive changes you desire by improving your space. I will help you define your priorities and translate them into your environment. You will choose to keep only that which supports your goals. You CAN create the life you desire. And you CAN Love Your Space!

I have enjoyed my volunteer work with the Canadian Red Cross, ChildFind, the Peace Program, and Professional Organizers in Canada. I am also the former Co-Chair of the Ottawa Chapter of Professional Organizers in Canada and an active member of Ottawa Organizers.

As a Professional Organizer, I provide information and assistance to help you organize your life. I help you create more space and time for what really matters in your life by restoring order and maximizing your resources. When you don't have the time or energy to deal with your clutter, I can help you discard what you don't need, show you how to reduce clutter before it starts, and offer practical ways to streamline any area of your life. Organization is about prioritizing yourself and your peace of mind. When you take time to get organized, you declare that you are worthy of getting more enjoyment from life.

Take time to organize your space, take action to organize your life!

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